Northern US Harringtons


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Robert and Benjamin

The Harringtons in the Northern colonies of English America rank among the old families early identified with Harvard College and consequently with the first efforts toward the establishment in this country of education and cultural advantages. The first of these Harringtons was Robert Harrington, of Watertown, Mass, who was born in England in 1616. He was but eighteen when he embarked from Ipswich, England in the Elizabeth and having arrived in New England, he settled in Watertown, Mass, where he married Susanna George. Their children were John, Robert, George, Daniel, Joseph, Benjamin, May, Thomas, Samuel, Edward, Sarah and David. Of these Thomas married Rebecca White, a widow, whose maiden name was Bemis, and by her he had Ebenezer, Susanria, Rebecca, Thomas and George.

The Harringtons had large families and each generation made its mark in colonial affairs. Timothy, a grandson of Thomas and Rebecca, who was born in 1716, was graduated from Harvard, and was a minister in Swanzey, New Hampshire, until he was driven away by the Indians after which he settled in Lancaster. He married Anna Harrington, a kinswoman and after her death, Anna, the widow of the Rev. Matthew Bridge.

Another interesting family of Harringtons traces descent back to Benjamin Harrington, or as the name was often spelled then, Herendeen.

--- By Frances Cowles, 1926


A third line of Northern US Harringtons originated from Abraham Harrington. This line "daughtered out" within a few generations.


Another Massachusetts immigrant was Edward (Haranden, Harraden, Harrenden, Harandine), mentioned in Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts. Little is known about this individual.

Areas of Research

While the decendancy of Benjamin and Robert are fairly well known, their parentage is not. Thus a non-trivial thrust of Northern US Harrington research effort is directed at tracing the roots of these individuals.

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